Obamacare has a premium problem and a few others

ObamaCare is back in the news.  The Democrats are once again saying that President Trump and the GOP want to kill provisions protecting "preexisting conditions".

It may be good politics but not a solution to what really hurts ObamaCare.  In other words, most consumers can not afford the premiums or deductibles.

Let me give you a recent example I heard about.  A local couple with a couple of kids went to the website to purchase a policy.  They found out that annual premiums would hit $5,000 plus a $10,000 deductible.   In the end, he did not want to pay $15,000 before the policy kicks in.

Unfortunately, no one is talking about the premiums or deductibles.  

At the same time, the GOP killed itself when the late Senator John McCain killed the repeal and handed the issue to Democrats in the last election.

We are in a mess and we need a U.S. House that wants to do something other running a subpoena factory.

I love what Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) is proposing.  He wants to put the states in charge of health care:    

The third way is health care freedom led by states, not the federal government. That freedom should include direct primary care, health savings, expanded health sharing organizations, a robust market for actual portable catastrophic insurance unconstrained by mandates, and a functioning safety net to ensure no American falls through the cracks.

The president is right to lead on this – and if conservatives will follow with a message of health care freedom, there is nothing to fear in supporting Texas v. Azar.

Great idea.  Put the issue on the laps of governors and legislatures and give them the responsibility and flexibility to create plans that work in Texas, New York, or Wyoming.

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