Nick Sandmann v. Washington Post: The defendant countersues

Just under the 30-day limit for filing a response, the Washington Post has filed its response to Nick Sandmann's defamation complaint.  He alleged they defamed him; now they claim they didn't and, in fact, printed a front-page Editor's Note that absolves themselves. We should expect relatively little additional comment from WaPo, since the traditional response to inquiries by corporate lawyers is "we do not comment on pending litigation." As a thought experiment, not necessarily based on fact, let us explore where this matter might go. For all their protestations about the noble mission of the mainstream media, we note that collectively, the press does not provide much detail to the public.  The most informative story I found in an internet search comes from the Washington Times. This brings us to the first notable fact: that the WaPo has filed its response in federal court in Washington, D.C....(Read Full Post)
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