New York Times beclowns itself on 'Edelweiss' too

The New York Times has made itself famous for its religious idiocy, but that's almost piddly compared to its malevolence-tinged cultural illiteracy.

Tyler O'Neil at Pajamas Media reports this new doozy:

The latest attempt to brand Trump a Nazi has two American artists rolling over in their graves.

On Thursday, a New York Post reporter tweeted that President Donald Trump played the song "Edelweiss" at the White House.  The New York Times's White House correspondent, Maggie Haberman, suggested the song was a Nazi anthem, inspiring rightful backlash on Twitter.  She seemed to stick with this false view, even after she was called out on it.

"'Edelweiss' was being played as we walked into the [White House]," Nikki Schwab, the Post reporter, tweeted.

Flabbergasted, Haberman responded, "Does...anyone at that White House understand the significance of that song?"

Haberman repeatedly doubled down on the Nazi suggestion, even when she was being corrected, according to the piece, citing multiple tweets.  That is not surprising, given Haberman's boneheaded refusal to correct herself on her libelous Covington kids conclusions, something she's now getting sued for.

It shows a whole lot of arrogance rolling around at the Times among its "star" reporters.  This incident is worse, because it signaled ill will toward President Trump with no regard for facts.  Leftist reporters like this are always looking for ways to call Trump a Nazi, despite any facts.  Over at the comparably elitist New Yorker, another journalist errantly claimed that an ICE agent's military service–linked tattoo was a Nazi thing, something that got her fired and the man an apology.  And don't forget that the Left largely got away with smearing White House official Sebastian Gorka as a Nazi for his wearing a Hungarian resistance emblem to honor his father at a White House event, a man who had been a prominent freedom fighter during the anti-communist uprising in 1956. It was a lie from hate-filled ignorant boobs if there ever was one.  Nazis, Nazis, everywhere, and Haberman's blooper is just the latest incident. 

It's not just the cultural illiteracy that stands out, either — it's the malevolence.  The poor ignorant reporter from the Times' Notre Dame piece, cited here, was just religiously ignorant; he wasn't hateful, and he wrote his story respectfully.  Haberman's tweets indicated no such deference, let alone a willingness to be corrected out of interest in the facts and her own credibility, as the Notre Dame reporter had been.

Nope, she just went and put her cultural illiteracy about one of the world's most watched movies, the 1965 Academy Award-winner for best picture, The Sound of Music, twisting the anthem against Nazis into a false claim that the song is pro-Nazi, possibly based on her watching of some D-level television that misconstrued the song.

And she's not backing down.  What a wretched instance of cultural failure.