It's time for Schiff to put or shut up

The Mueller Report, redactions and all, is out.  The conclusion is no collusion or something like that.

Nevertheless, there is a still a man out there who claims that collusion did happen.  His name is Representative Adam Schiff or "The Media's Pin-Up Doll," as Julie Kidd calls him:

An original architect of the Trump-Russia collusion fable since the summer of 2016, Schiff shamelessly continues to lie to the American public with claims that the president and his team conspired with the Kremlin to win the presidential election. 

He is the Jussie Smollett of the collusion hoax, insisting a crime really occurred even when every piece of evidence not only refutes that it ever happened but shows he was one of the original perpetrators.

It's time for Schiff to tell us what he knows.

How many times has Schiff assured us that he knows or has information about this or that?

The time is up.  We must demand transparency and force Schiff to do a press conference and present the evidence that Mueller missed in his report.

Schiff has also said President Trump is guilty of campaign finance violations.  Like which one, Congressman Schiff?

If he won't come clean, then the serious media should stop giving him a platform for more conspiracy theories.

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