Is Spygate a recycled 1970s plot?

There is a long forgotten plot, which brought down a world leader back in the 1970s, that has an eerily similar storyline to the current failed attempt to bring down President Trump.  There were Deep State intelligence operatives actively working to smear the reputation of the duly elected leader and spy on him and his cabinet officials.  This was the plot to bring down Prime Minister Harold Wilson of Great Brittan.

The review of this plot is astonishing similar to Spygate.  The animus toward Harold Wilson was triggered in part by comments he made to his Labor Party — in particular, a speech he gave in October 1963 at the Labor Party's annual conference, where he stated, "The Britain that is going to be forged in the white heat of this revolution will be no place for restrictive practices or for outdated methods on either side of industry."

Revolutionary talk at the peak of the Cold War was not received well by the British establishment.  This combined with the fact, while his party was in the minority, that he had visited the Soviet Union to promote the business of a former Lithuanian and suggested a partnership with the government there to make rain coats.  These negotiations sent alarm bells through the domestic British intelligence organization known as MI5.

In the run up to the 1974 election, when the the Labor Party defeated the Tory Party and won a majority after four years out of power, the Deep State began to hatch a plan to remove Wilson from office.  This plan, called "Clockwork Orange," included surveillance of the P.M. and his Cabinet officials.  Information gathered on Harold Wilson was kept in a file in a safe at MI5 under the codename "Henry Worthington."

Operation "Clockwork Orange" included at least 13 burglaries of the members of Wilson's Cabinet and senior government officials, all of whom worked at number 10 Downing Street.  It is alleged that MI5 used South African cutouts to perform the burglaries in order to have plausible deniability if caught.  The curious and consistent feature of the burglaries is that nothing was taken other than an antique grandfather clock from Lord Donaghue's residence.  It is widely believed that the burglaries were to install surveillance equipment.

Another facet of the operation was to plant false narratives in the media, which has been confirmed by columnist Chapman Pincher of the Daily Express.  He stated that he was asked by members of the Tory Party to publish anything at all that was damaging to the prime minister.

The plot was not confined to burglaries and smear campaigns; there was also serious consideration and planning of a military coup to install Lord Mountbatten at the head of government, who would be answerable solely to the monarchy.  Military exercises and drills were conducted at Heathrow Airport as a rehearsal for this coup.

Harold Wilson's health began to decline under this intense pressure from the Deep State.  He ultimately resigned on March 16, 1976.  The facts of this case were publicized in a 2006 BBC interview with two journalists, Barrie Penrose and Roger Courtier, when their book debuted, entitled The Pencourt File.

The parallels of "Clockwork Orange" and Spygate are too close to dismiss as only coincidence.  In the recently published book by George Papadopoulos, entitled Deep State Target, Mr. Papadopoulos tells of how he was approached by intelligence operatives who all had connections to Link University, supposedly a training institution for Western intelligence officers.  One shadowy individual met with Papadopoulos named Joseph Mifsud of Malta, who was a professor at the university.  He is the individual who suggested to Papadopoulos that Russia has thousands of Hillary Clinton's missing emails.  This, in spy craft nomenclature, is called a "dangle."  The problem is that Joseph Mifsud has no traceable Russian connections.  However, he does have British intelligence connections.

This British connection leads back to a Clinton campaign official named John Podesta.  Podesta's aide, named Sara Latham (British citizen), was most recently hired by the duke and duchess of Sussex this past March.  Prior to that, Ms. Latham was the director of Freud Communications, a London-based public relations firm.  In her early career, she also worked for a member of the British Parliament named Tessa Jowell.  While working for Jowell, she was recruited by the Obama administration to work at the White House.

Then there is the much discredited dossier written by Christopher Steele, who was a British MI6 officer.

The multiple connections across the Atlantic have been spun like a spider web between the Clinton campaign and British intelligence.  Is it a coincidence, or was the "Clockwork Orange" operation used as a template for Spygate?

There is a mantra within the intelligence community: there is no such thing as a coincidence.  To believe otherwise could be detrimental.

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