In wake of the Mueller Report, Barr stands tall

At his press conference following the release of the Mueller Report, which exonerated President Trump of any collusion with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, I got the impression that Attorney General William Barr, standing before the American people, was angry.  He was angry because of what had been done to President Trump.  He was angry because of what had been done to the office of the presidency.  He was outraged by what had been done to the American people.

Barr seemed to know that the entire Russian investigation was illegitimate and a hoax from the very beginning.  He knew who the conspirators were; he knew the complicated routes they took trying to bring down a presidential candidate and, after that, to destroy a legitimately elected president.  And if it took to his dying day to prove it, he would set out to prove it.

He was absolutely determined to bring the perpetrators to justice and to make them feel the full effects of the law, so that this never, ever happened again to our country.

If you believe that this puts him in league with President Trump, if you believe he is in President Trump's pocket, you are damn right!

In the wake of this, the Democrats now know they have little time to try to turn this all around.  For them, the agenda has always been to destroy President Trump at all costs.  Yet they've crossed the Rubicon and now are turning on Saint Mueller by "inviting him" to testify before them.  More needless, pointless investigations and subpoena traps from their direction.  Goodness knows how many people were subpoenaed and therefore financially ruined with this ongoing game.

What if they got their hands on the redacted grand jury report?  Even more innocent people subpoenaed and financially ruined.  Yet in their minds, they know they have to act, and act quickly, because if they don't prevail, the Democratic Party will surely become irrelevant as the leaders of this travesty are hauled into court.

It has been a long time coming, and at long last, justice is about to triumph.  The American people deserve nothing less.

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