Howie Schultz must be giving the DNC night terrors

While the Democrat socialist gaggle of declared 2020 presidential hopefuls attempt to woo the masses by promising a feast of free stuff, potential independent candidate Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO, continues to test the campaign waters.  In a recent Fox News town hall broadcast, Mr. Schultz deftly and with polished ease impressed a small studio audience by employing straight forward frankness and common sense.  His disapproval of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal differs greatly from the socialist screed, parroted in unison by the gaggle.  Suffice it to say, should Mr. Schultz decide to run for president, his candidacy is guaranteed to frustrate and anger the far-left liberals and perhaps appeal to the centrist Democrats, in addition to offering up a sobering alternative to the NeverTrump crowd.  For the record, I watched the Fox News town hall meeting, and I have to admit—I was impressed. Disclaimer: What follows is not...(Read Full Post)
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