Beto needs some gender-bending

Robert "Beto" O'Rourke, the phony Latino from El Paso, who Kerry-married the necessary money to finance his political aspirations, has a problem muy grande: His supposed rock star, Kennedyesque, Mexican-American persona has proved insufficient to sustain his presidential ambitions in the totally bat-poop crazy world of Democrat identity politics.  Quite simply, Beto has been beaten at his own game because, to paraphrase the fictional herald to the real-life Democrat party, George Orwell's Animal Farm, "Some identities are more equal than others.

There are identities and then there are identities as embattled Beto is learning.  A deceptive bi-cultural affectation such as O'Rourke has employed may serve one well when competing with half-Jamaican former prosecutors or faux Indians but it is simply insufficient to go up against a candidate from the Democrat identity group that is unquestionably more equal than all the other Democrat identity groups: Gays.

And why is this one has to wonder?  Why are gays a favored identity group?  What's that old saw that can be applied to virtually any political mystery?  How about "follow the money"?  What other Democrat identity group has so many members, largely white, who are tech or entertainment billionaires?  Or influential movie stars?  Or TV media personalities?  Or creative directors in TV advertising?  Do blacks or Hispanics have that kind of presence across those domains?  Of course they don't, which explains the phenomenal initial fundraising success of the first gay candidate to jump into the Democrats' shark pond. 

So Beto-boy's falso Hombre de Mexico persona simply isn't going to be enough to keep him in the contest — he needs to boot things up, spur his deserting followers with a broader appeal to that cohort so recently enamored of the Democrats' openly gay presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, who has totally eclipsed the formerly favored O'Rourke with the big-money sources in the gay community.  Beto needs a gay epiphany — perhaps a sudden recollection of a long repressed and secretive homosexual period in his life? 

We've seen that Beto is ready and willing to demean and toss his white heritage overboard when it appears to hinder his political ambitions.   Will he do the same with his manhood?

Image: Beto O'Rourke via Flickr.