And now for the latest episode of 'Identity politics USA'

Back in the late 1970s, there was a TV show about a Cuban family in Miami called Que pasa USA.  It was a hilarious look at Cuban immigrants adapting to life in the U.S., from the grandparents who could not stop talking about Cuba to the parents who had to survive in both cultures and the kids who would rather "disco" than "mambo."

Well, let me introduce you to "Identity politics USA," or the life and times of what used to be a serious party.

This is from The New York Times:

Interviews with several dozen Democratic voters around the country show how the party, which enjoyed victories in 2018 that were powered by female and nonwhite candidates, is now grappling with two complicated questions about race, gender and politics in the Trump era.

Is a white male the best face for an increasingly diverse Democratic Party in 2020? 

And what’s the bigger gamble: to nominate a white man and risk disappointing some of the party’s base, or nominate a minority candidate or a woman who might struggle to carry predominantly white swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania that both Barack Obama and Mr. Trump won?

So here we are.

Not a single Democrat appears interested in finding a candidate who is qualified for president.  It's all about skin color and sex.

The problem with identity politics is that no one will ever be happy.

If you choose a white man, regardless of résumé and experience, he will not be acceptable to party activists.

If you choose a liberal woman, then she may not carry any more states than Mrs. Clinton.

If you choose a man who has a "husband," he won't carry his home state of Indiana.

And so on!

The "identity chickens" are here to roost.  You will see the madness unfold in the debates and primary debates.

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