Womens March co-founder blames 'Jewish establishment' for New Zealand massacre

A woman named Bob Bland (yeah, I know) believes that the "Jewish establishment" caused the New Zealand mosque attack.

Bland shared a particularly nasty and nauseating posting on Facebook that blames Jews for the massacre.

Jerusalem Post:

On March 17, Bob Bland shared a post from Jesse Rabinowitz — a social justice advocate — who wrote that: "The same language and hate that folks spew against Sisters [Women's March co-leader] Linda Sarsour and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) killed 54 Muslims in New Zealand. You can't stand in solidarity with the Muslim community and simultaneously disavow Muslim women for speaking their truths. American Jewish Establishment, I'm looking at you."

The share was not accompanied by any additional statement from Bland.

In the comments section, a follower called out Bland for suggesting "that you cannot feel sympathy for the tragedy that happened if you do not agree with Linda and Ilana."  The comment also added: "My biggest fear is that the entire purpose of your post was to somehow insult or shame Jews."

It's now hateful to call an anti-Semite an anti-Semite?  Who knew?

Bland later apologized, using the excuse that she's a mother and was busy doing mom things:

Bland apologized, saying that "it has come to my attention that some people are upset that I shared Jesse's post.  I was juggling two kids on a Sunday plus not being mindful.  I'm sorry.  I do agree with the first two sentences that Jesse said, except I would extend it to all establishment politicians of both parties, of any or no faith. Words matter and I should have clarified."

The Zioness movement also posted a screenshot of Bland's share, writing: "The Women's March, Inc. is attacking Jews again.  Somehow, we still aren't desensitized to their never-ending cycle of deeply antisemitic slurs."

"Calling out antisemitism is not bigotry against Muslims.  We've witnessed this enough times: the zero-sum game these women are playing literally leads to horror.  Jews and Muslims are in fact targeted by the same heinous actors within the white nationalist movement across the globe, which is why Jews and Muslims of conscience have come together in solidarity during crises like we witnessed in Christchurch and in Pittsburgh."

Can she walk and chew gum at the same time?  There's no evidence for that, so I guess we can excuse Bland for missing the anti-Semitism that was staring her in the face from that Facebook post.

Both Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar are pretty despicable people.  If you asked them to look into their own hearts, they'd probably blame the Jews for the Holocaust, too — if they believe the Shoah even happened.  The media are giving these women a prominence they don't deserve.  Their partner in anti-Semitism, Ms. Bland, is no better.