Why the Jews are the victims of socialism

"Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds," wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Socialists cannot be pro-Israel because Israel is a successful example of nationalism.  The Jews require national independence in order to survive.  Therefore, according to orthodox socialists, the Jews' survival has to be sacrificed for the good of globalism.  What looks like anti-Semitism to Jews and objective Martians is merely socialist opposition to the continued functioning of all independent states, and Israel is emblematic of such units.

For socialism, this paradigm of the sacrifice of all units smaller than the State stems directly from communist ideology.  Indeed, any unit smaller than the state is invalid and must be stamped out because it is a potential source of opposition to centralized power.  This is true of the independently functioning human being; marriage; the nuclear family; town, county, and state authorities.  Owning guns that could be used against the state cannot be allowed.

Since revolution is the most important value of socialism, meeting any subsidiary socialist goals is irrelevant.  Israel has national health insurance, universal education, subsidized university tuition, high taxation rates, and a centralized bureaucracy that by percentage dwarfs government employment in the United States.  The entire country was founded upon the individual's labor for the benefit of the state.  Kibbutzim, where people farmed the land without salary, were the foundational units of early Israel.  Few Americans could happily live in that collectivized manner, but the Jews did so.  There are to this day more than 250 kibbutzim in Israel, where people still work without cash compensation for their entire lives.  No one has to stay on the kibbutz and many leave for reasons of personal fulfillment.  The kibbutz may have an Olympic swimming pool, but when an individual member can swim is governed by committee.

Most kibbutzim have turned from purely agricultural pursuits to industrial units, where many military and consumer products are produced.  This mixed system, with socialist units supporting the capitalistic superstructure of the country, is unique in the world.  Sitting above the socialist kibbutzim is the capitalist economy of the Startup Nation.  Israel's socialism is almost a voluntary system. 

Dogmatic socialists cannot tolerate either flexibility or stability.  This model of a mixed economy is hateful to real socialists.  That is too bad, because flexibility is the foundation of economic and social success.  People are happy in Israel because it is a mixed economy, and that mix is always changing.  Both within the Israeli government and among the general population, people are always arguing about this or that policy, so policies are always changing.  No ideologue can tolerate such chaos. 

To reiterate, socialists are about as rigid as a piece of clay sewer pipe.  The poor luck of the Jews is to be subjected to this old socialist need for extreme concentration of power.  No matter how socialist Israel's policies, they would still be castigated and tortured because they are too Jewish — i.e., particularistic.  That is why Stalin could roundly and sincerely condemn anti-Semitism at the very same time he was killing Jewish intellectuals.  He was against both anti-Semitism and Jews, not unlike our current American breed of socialists and their European counterparts.

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