Yes, We CAN Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time. Here's How...

I hate Daylight Savings Time. You hate Daylight Savings Time. But so what? No one really cares any longer what you or I like, don't like, love or absolutely despise.

The arguments for DST -- those of it saving energy, making kids safer on their way to school, helping the farmer plow his fields etc. etc. -- all have proved unreliable at best, and for the most part out and out incorrect. (That's why the most often stated reason for DST has over the years constantly been changing.)

Getting rid of this circadian rhythm disruptor may seem hopeless, and any energy directed to that end a total waste. But I have a suggestion that may just finally do it!

Let's pass the word that President Trump favors DST. Tell that to everyone we meet -- and lets do so while wearing bright red MAGA caps.

If we do this within seven days every liberal, every congressperson with a "D" after their name, and almost half with an "R", will be against it. They will despise it. They will say it was done with Russian Collusion. That it is anti woman, anti black, anti gay, anti the sun coming up tomorrow. And lickety-split it will be gone.

Then we can keep wearing the caps, but we'll be able to do so without looking bleary eyed.

What do you say, folks? With me on this?

Graphic credit: Rei-Artur