Watch the illegal immigrant 'conveyor belt' - in action

Want to see how the illegal immigrant 'conveyor belt' works?

Here in San Diego, a demonstration of it in action was posted by the San Diego office of the U.S. Border Patrol on Twitter, which was then all over the local news, and then picked up by the Daily Mail.



Some 50-plus illegal immigrants traveling in family units slipped through one of the openings in the junk fences delineating the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego, and then, in two groups, ran in procession to the U.S. Border Patrol vehicle waiting for them on the beach at Imperial Beach to promptly claim asylum.

KUSI has more details here:

A total of 52 people were arrested for crossing the border illegally and CBP said it did not appear anyone got away. This includes 23 males, ages 18 to 53, 12 females, ages 21 to 50, and 17 juveniles, ages 1 to 14.

Video captured at the scene, where the wall was cut and people got through, credited to “Mexican Andy.”

It was all so very orderly, actually. Border chaos? Not in the least. There's border order all right, but it's cartels who control the order. They already are the ones who take the fees (or promises of free labor or drug transport) from the illegal migrants and anyone who doesn't pay doesn't cross. Cartels not only sell access, they provide a package deal - with the legal instruction, Mexico-based bus service from Central America to the border, and the U.S. bus service to the U.S. workplaces, all for a tidy profit, made even more profitable as economies of scale kick in. As Rick Moran noted in his blog post yesterday, the conveyor belt has enabled the cartels to 'drastically lower their overhead costs while maximizing profit.'

Which is why the U.S. is on track to apprehend a million illegal immigrants - a figure which doesn't count those who get in without getting caught. Those conveyor-belt economies of scale produce numbers.



And the false identification business is being cranked to eleven. Where there is demand, there will be those who fill the demand, and to scale:



The border crossing seen here, with all of the illegal migrants lining up for their phony asylum claims, appears to be a good representation of the dynamic described in the Washington Post's investigative piece about these 'conveyor belts' that ran two days ago.  

It shows how the U.S. has lost control, given that the Border Patrol is powerless to send these illegal crossers back.

Border Patrol agents are supposed to determine who gets into the U.S., but with this video, it's obvious they are just reduced to being handmaidens and enablers of the cartel and its conveyor belt, handing the lined up illegals their asylum claim papers. Cartels are the ones who school these migrants for entry into the U.S., teaching them how to immediately launch claims for asylum whether they merit it or not, and then board the bus waiting for them for the jobs awaiting them with those de facto if temporary legalization papers the asylum claim gives them. The Border Patrol has been reduced to being their instrument.

Democrats who claim to be against walls and borders show just how disingenuous their claims really are. Walls and borders will always be there, but the real question is whether they want cartels to control the access, as they are in this conveyor-belt video, or U.S. Border Patrol agents.

I'm no big fan of the big state but I sure as heck don't want vile money-grubbing Mexican cartels replacing it. The conveyor belt shows that it's actually an either-or proposition.

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