The men-only Olympics

What was once parody is the new reality.  The Olympic committee has announced that it will allow transgender athletes to compete.  Recall this hilarious National Lampoon magazine cover referencing the dubious Soviet female Olympic athletes of 1976.  Remember that some other countries will do anything to win Olympic gold.

Men's greater muscle mass and skeletal density make them better competitors than women, even if they take female hormones and grow long hair.  There's a reason for women's sports — because otherwise, men would always win.

Now that the International Olympic Committee is going to allow "transgendered" men to compete, the Olympic games are going to be flooded with men competing against women.

We've already seen what happens to girl's sports when "transgender" boys take the field.  In Connecticut, girls are being silenced and called bigots for pointing out that the two runners who are dominating the sport are male.

Do you like Olympic women's soccer?  Watch the USA Women's team get crushed by other countries, because the other teams will be made up of men.  The U.S. Women's National Team got beaten in a scrimmage with a high school boys' team in 2017.  They're amazing athletes — but they are women.

In the future, women's swimming, diving, downhill skiing, even figure skating are all going to be made up of males.  We'll all be told this is perfectly fine and we're bigots if we don't applaud.

Do you want the USA to medal in women's sports ever again?  Just make sure that all the USA "female" athletes are males.  Other countries aren't going to hesitate to field "transgender" men in women's competitions.  We'll have to follow suit.

Eventually, the delighted media will ask for a match between the gold medal–winning "women's" soccer team and the "men's" team, for example, and maybe the "women's" team will beat the "men's," and won't that be exciting?  Except all the athletes on both teams will be males.  But we will be told not to say that, or we're bigots.

Then the fig leaf will drop off the package, so to speak, and all the "women's" events will be canceled.

And no woman will ever win an Olympic medal again.

Bonnie Ramthun is a Colorado mom, wife, and author.  She is an occasional contributor to PJMedia.  You can find her work at her Amazon author page here.