The inflection point: Mueller Report delivery will unleash the counter-narrative

Soon enough, the story will be told of the biggest political scandal in the history of the Republic.  For almost two years, all sorts of declassifications and investigations have been put on hold, lest the special counsel's efforts be impeded.  According to Catherine Herridge of Fox News, now that Mueller's report is released, DoJ inspector general Michael Horowitz is preparing to release the results of his investigation of three issues: leaks from the DoJ (which may include James Comey's leak of classified information in one of his memos — an act that was intended to lead to the appointment of Mueller, gifts from reporters of officials in the FBI and/or DoJ, and the FISA Court warrant submissions.  The outcome of these I.G. investigations may well lead to criminal referrals to the DoJ.

President Trump has the power to declassify the FISA warrant applications.  As I have repeatedly written, he is the master of the concept of a story arc in reality television.  We have now seen the dramatic peak of the first narrative; that Trump was a treasonous collaborator with Vladimir Putin to sabotage the democratic process.  As every dramatist knows, audiences love surprises and reversals of fortune.  President Trump wants this drama to conclude in time for voters to have a satisfying conclusion in mind when they start to vote next year.  My guess is that he will time declassification and disclosure for maximum effect.

Trump knows that even if the smarter Democrats realize it's time to prevent further losses, the much larger faction of rabid Trump-haters — people like Adam Schiff — can't help themselves and will continue to keep trying to find something to justify all their foolish claims and efforts.  They will only prove to the persuadable voters that they are obsessive and unreasonable.  Instead of accomplishing anything through Democrat control of the House, they will just make noise, vent their frustration, and continue to stir up trouble where there is none.

Still to be explored by an official investigation is the rampant "unmasking" of people in the Trump campaign surveilled by the NSA — spying on the rival party's campaign.  Then the creation of the futile search of the special counsel by potentially felonious activity of the sitting FBI director.  Then the lying to the FISA Court.

Conservative Trump-supporters have been chafing for about two years, angry that investigation of the real scandal hasn't been forthcoming.  Slowly, slowly, they are going to get their satisfaction, well timed for maximum impact November 2020.

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