The blame game of the Israel-hating troika

After eight years of a Barack Obama presidency, we are all used to the Democrats blaming their woes on everyone but themselves.  When they lose elections, it's Russia's fault.  But more often than not, Democrats love to blame Republicans (and Fox News).

Of course, many on the Left who fall into the anti-Semitic category (Ilhan Omar comes to mind) blame Jews by couching their problems in age-old tropes like "dual loyalty" and "it's all about the Benjamins."  And in the age of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trump is responsible for everything under the sun including the recent Ethiopian and Indonesian plane crashes.  Seriously.

But the troika of Israel-haters in the Democrat freshman class in the House of Representatives hit the jackpot (or should I say trifecta) the past couple of days, winning the most ridiculous blame game we have seen in a while.  First Ilhan Omar, receiving word that members of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party are looking for someone who is not a Jew-hater to run in 2020 blamed...Donald Trump, of course!  In a tweet in which she pronounced, "I'm sorry Mr. @realDonaldTrump I am for real, you can't #MuslimBan us from Congress!," Omar threw out the now classic Islamophobia accusation in the hopes of diverting the public from the reality that unfortunately, she is real, and yes, she is an anti-Semite.

While Nancy Pelosi, Eliot Engel, and other House Democrats sit on their hands, basically ignoring Omar's hate speech while elevating her to important committee appointments, at least the Minnesota Democrats know an anti-Semite when they see one, and, as Omar would say, "Allah willing," the ungrateful refugee will be gone in less than two years.

Then there's the lovely Palestinian flag–draped Rashida Tlaib, who has made no bones about her support of the anti-Semitic BDS movement and hatred of Israel.  While Omar pretends to support a two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Tlaib does not hide her desire for one state only, devoid of Jews and solely for Palestinians from the river to the sea, as the map in her office included a post-it labeling Israel as "Palestine."

This week, we learned in a Washington Post report about a meeting among Muslim and Jewish House Democrats intended "to ease tensions and find common ground," which Tlaib attended.  Putting aside the WaPo's abhorrent claims (that it later walked back without apology) that Tlaib "does not support the existence of a Jewish-only state," as if such a state exists, we learned that Tlaib began to cry as "she spoke of her grandmother's suffering in the West Bank at the hands of the Israelis."  No mention of the terrorist governments of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which have made life miserable for the Arabs living in their controlled territories.  No mention of the Palestinian terrorists who attempt to kill innocent Jewish civilians almost daily.  No mention of the Jewish people's historical, legal, and biblical rights to the lands that Tlaib and her grandmother claim as their own.  Nope — just some crocodile tears while blaming the Jews.  Sadly, it worked, as wimpy Jewish House members fell for her nonsense while they stupidly hope for some sort of unity with these haters.

Finally, what would a day be without some ridiculously stupid utterance from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?  Rather than like maybe like take some responsibility for like her pathetic performance on the job you know, Sandy O is now blaming "racism, sexism, and Fox News" for her tanking approval ratings in New York.  Ignoring the fact that New Yorkers who disapprove of her performance include not just Republicans, but Democrats and independents as well, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez thinks playing the race card will win back voters.  Like Omar and Tlaib, she refuses to take responsibility for her own actions, words, and failures.  This is fine, because if she continues to propose untenable legislation that will destroy the American way of life and value system while sounding like you know — a complete and total moron — maybe we will be rid of her in 2020 as well.

One can only hope.  But in the meantime, this troika of ungrateful, entitled, ignorant Democrats should keep it up.  Perhaps they'll bring the entire party down with them.  One can only hope.

Graphic credit: Fredrik Sandvik.

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