The bigger scandal in college admissions is what is legal

Alleged fraud marks the explosive indictments relating to college admissions practices revealed yesterday, but a much bigger scandal consists of all the legal ways ruling class privilege replicates itself through the vehicle of higher education. I am grateful to the U.S. attorneys who pressed ahead with their investigation of the alleged criminal acts underlying the college admissions scandal rocking higher education today.  And I await further indictments that apparently will be forthcoming.  But I know that the people who got caught, including those whose indictments may come later, are the tip of the iceberg (in Alan Dershowitz's phrase) and were foolish in committing actual crimes, when completely legal ways of accomplishing the same ends are so widely available. YouTube screen grab. Both U.S. attorney Andrew Lelling and Alan Dershowitz, the emeritus professor of law who spent half a century at Harvard Law School, acknowledged yesterday that...(Read Full Post)
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