Robert Mueller used triangulation to promote and protect the Deep State

Make no mistake: the Robert Mueller who was heralded by Democrats and clueless Republicans is anything but upstanding and honest.  Robert Mueller is an agent of the Deep State who was handpicked by another Deep-State operative, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

As special counsel, Robert Mueller became an integral part of the ongoing Deep-State insurance policy to destroy and eventually impeach and unseat President Trump and provide cover for Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, and Deep-State operatives in the FBI and DOJ.  What's shocking is that Mueller operated under a cloak of secrecy and protection provided by our own government.

A major part of Mueller's objective appears to have been dragging out the Russia collusion investigation long enough to affect the 2018 elections in hopes of helping Democrats take control of either the House or the Senate or both.  Mission accomplished.  Andrew McCarthy explains that by September 2017, Mueller knew there was no collusion case.

With the success of helping Democrats take back the House of Representatives, Mueller was now positioned to compose a final report specifically designed to appease President Trump and his supporters and keep the door open for Democrats and their operatives in the MSM to pursue obstruction of justice charges against Trump, his administration, and his family.  The one caveat in this plan was to make sure that neither the Democrats nor Republicans would get all that they hoped for from his report.  In doing this, a majority of the public will likely see Mueller's investigation as being honest and fair, which should make it almost politically impossible for both Democrats and Republicans to openly attack Mueller or his investigation.

In a nutshell, Robert Mueller succeeded in putting President Trump and his Republican supporters in the untenable position of having to commend his work as special counsel because the report totally exonerated President Trump and his campaign of any collusion with the Russians.  If you don't believe this, just watch Sen. Lindsey Graham's press conference about Mueller's report where he all but nominates Mueller for a Medal of Honor for his esteemed investigative work.

However, the most crucial task for Mueller was to provide Democrats and the MSM with an arguable reason to continue their investigation and attack of President Trump in their quest for his impeachment.  And Mueller did exactly that by deferring his judgment on any obstruction of justice charges against President Trump to Attorney General Barr.  This worked like a charm because, since A.G. Barr put out his summary of the Mueller Report, almost every Democrat and MSM fake news outlet has been aggressively reporting that A.G. Barr is President Trump's handpicked operative and can't possibly be trusted because he is doing Trump's bidding.  As a result, the Democrats and MSM can use whatever they can parse out of Mueller's report to twist into an obstruction of justice charge against President Trump. 

So there you have it.  Robert Mueller has done his job, and the Deep-State insurance policy to destroy President Trump and provide cover for the Deep State is still very much in effect and will continue to be for as long as Donald Trump is president.

Photo credit: James Ledbetter (cropped).

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