Ocasio-Cortez erupts in unhinged rant after criticism of her Green New Deal

Life in the public spotlight is uncomfortable for anyone, all the more so for the young and immature who are subject to relentless criticism by ideological opponents.  Add in absolute moral certainty and a limited command of facts and ideas, and the result is lashing out in fury with arguments that hold no water.

Yesterday, during a committee meeting of House Financial Services Committee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's utopian and impossibly expensive Green New deal was criticized by Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) and herself was not pleased.  She responded with an arm-flailing angry response that proved she has no idea of the difference between pollution by toxic substances and the phony "pollution" that it is claimed CO2 constitutes, despite the fact that it is the very basis of our life cycle.  Somebody needs to tell her we are a "carbon-based life form"...and then clear out to avoid damage when her head explodes:

YouTube screen grabs

The video is under two minutes long and worth watching to get an accurate sense of the limits of her mind and the appeal of such simple-minded demagoguery to a substantial constutency.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a gifted demagogue who is persuasive to those who are unable to think critically, which makes her dangerous, especially given the miseducation of her generation and her base.  And she is especially dangerous to anyone paying attention and in possession of a general store of knowledge an informed citizen and voter would be expected to have (a group that excludes many Democrats).

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