Reparations = racial socialism

In a recent op-ed piece, the New York Times’ resident faux conservative, David Brooks, announced -- surprise! -- that he has changed his mind on the issue of slavery reparations. “Nearly five years ago,” said Brooks, “I read Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Atlantic article “The Case for Reparations,” with mild disagreement. All sorts of practical objections leapt to mind. “What about the recent African immigrants? What about the poor whites who have nothing of what you would call privilege? Do we pay Oprah and LeBron?” Valid questions all -- and none of which Brooks even attempts to address. It just “seems right” now, he says. “Reparations are a drastic policy and hard to execute,” he admits, “but the very act of talking about and designing them heals a wound and opens a new story.” Just like the Green New Deal, this utopian scheme is defended as a “conversation” starter,...(Read Full Post)
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