Plan to see Unplanned

Last night, March 28, 2019, I went to the pre-screening of the movie Unplanned.  Planned Parenthood's evil abortion business practices are exposed for the public to see through the life of Abby Johnson.  Abby was a director of Planned Parenthood and had two abortions herself.  Abby has an amazing transition from working for the world's largest abortion-provider to becoming a sidewalk counselor on the other side of the fence offering hope and alternatives  to pregnant women.  Abby now has a ministry to help abortion workers leave abortion and find new jobs.

While some scenes are uncomfortable to watch, I personally find the Walking Dead television series ten times more graphic and gory.  Chemical and surgical abortions are truthfully exposed and revealed.  One painful scene involves a botched abortion, where a beautiful high school girl nearly dies from a perforated uterus.

Forgiveness, redemption, hope, and love are the true reason to see this film.  Women (and men) who have experienced abortion will find that this film is full of hope and healing post-abortion, without any condemnation.

Everyone thinking about having an abortion and anyone who has had an abortion should see this film.  This is not a film for young children, but teenagers should see it, since they are often faced with unplanned pregnancies and need to know the truth that abortion is a painful and often dangerous decision.  Parents and grandparents also need to see this film to steer their families away from abortion.

America needs to see abortion to end abortion, and this film exposes the truth of abortion.

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