Outrage muted over Trump's declaration of Israeli sovereignty over Golan

Once again, President Trump has "violated the norms" of American diplomacy and demonstrated that the "expertise" of our foreign policy elites is less valuable than they, and their journalistic and academic handmaidens, claim.  Just as with his move of the American embassy to Jerusalem, he has recognized reality and acted on it, instead of humoring the fantasies of those who wished to deny the right to exist of the Jewish state.

Less than a week after saying the United States should recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which the Jewish state won militarily during the 1967 war in which its Arab neighbors attempted to destroy it, President Trump issued a formal proclamation, with Benjamin Netanyahu at his side, affirming Israeli sovereignty.

The view from Golan shows how it puts Northern Israel in artillery range.  Photo credit: Yuri Loginov.

The "Arab street" didn't explode.  No mass demonstrations at U.S. embassies and consulates in the Middle East.  Four Gulf States including Saudi Arabia criticized the move, but with hardly any passion.

Richard Baehr points out:

I have only seen criticism from the same American anti-Israel types who also bemoaned the Jerusalem embassy move as killing off chances for Middle East peace.  It might be harder for the critics to argue that this action will reduce chances for peace between Israel and Syria or Israel and Iran.  Egypt has been an involved in trying to tamp down violence between Hamas and Israel in recent days.  Egyptian criticism was very muted.  But reactions have been much stronger from Turkey and Syria.

A far bigger story is that Qatar allowed Israeli athletes to compete in events in that country, and when an Israeli won a gold medal, Israel's anthem Hatikvah was played — a first.  That was harshly criticized in the Arab world, but Qatar has no choice since it has been picked for world cup soccer championships in 2022, and has to allow all teams for that. 

Ed Lasky adds:

It was the single best-timed foreign policy decision of the Trump presidency so far.  Iran is the threat. Syria is a wholly-owned de facto province of Iran. The Sunnis aren't going to complain. What is left of Syria is Alawite and Christian — and the Sunnis aren't going to stand up for heretics and heathen, respectively.

The group Jews Choose Trump cites P.M. Netanyahu:

Bibi: Israel Has Never Had a Better Friend than Trump

Today President Trump signed an executive proclamation recognizing 
Israeli sovereignty over the Golan.  As Netanyahu said: "Now there are two people with the Golan."

In the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump said when he was president we would get tired of saying, "We Won".

You never get tired of winning and we will never get tired of saying, "Thank you, President Trump" for his courageous and principled support of Israel.

Thank you, President Trump for: 
-Recognizing Israeli sovereignty on the Golan 
-Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem 
-Pulling the US out of the disastrous Iran deal 
-Leaving UNESCO because of its blatant antisemitism 
-Ending funding of the PA because they reward terrorist killers of Jews 
-Ending US funding for UNWRA due to its teaching of Jew hatred 
-Calling out the antisemitism in the Democratic party 
-Defending Israel at the UN 
-Supporting Israel's absolute right of self-defense

President Trump, you are the protector of our liberties and of Israel's security, and we thank you.

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