Has MSNBC changed its tune in wake of post-collusion ratings collapse?

Having bet big on Russia! Russia! Russia!, only to see its ratings plummet after release of the summary of the Mueller Report, MSNBC may be testing out actual journalism as a salve to its wounds.  I realize that this would seem to be quite a stretch for a network previously dedicated to Trump-phobic innuendo and snark, but how else to explain Katy Tur (Keith Olbermann's former squeeze, for crying out loud) grilling Senator Mazie Hirono on her attempt to have it both ways on the Senate vote on the Green New Deal?

My jaw dropped watching this two-and-a-half-minute video (hat tip: The Right Scoop):

The relevant transcript via The Right Scoop:

Hirono makes the argument to support the Green New Deal and then Tur flips it right back on her and asks why not vote for it anyway if she believes in it:

But isn't that an argument that you just made to vote 'yes' for it. I mean McConnell may be trying to make it a show vote[.] ... You've signed onto this, you're one of the co-authors of it. If you believe that this is something — even if it's aspirational — that needs to get done, why not take a stand and vote YES for it, [saying] 'here's where the Democrats stand on it' and 'we don't care that it's a show vote from Leader McConnell.'

It seems like you're trying to have it both ways — not be hung by it politically but also NOT say that you don't support it.

Needless to say, Tur didn't challenge the predictions of climate doom, but that sort of disputation is beyond the pale for an MSM outlet and would be too lengthy, even if Tur were capable of making the argument.  Nonetheless, challenging any Democrat over hypocrisy is something rather new for the peacock news channel and worth keeping in mind as MSNBC attempts to extricate itself from the hole it dug with two years of Russia hoax programming.

Graphic credit: YouTube screen grab.

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