Ocasio-Cortez refuses to denounce Maduro when asked

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated her notable dancing skills yesterday by tap-dancing around a question about whether, as a democratic socialist, she would denounce the Maduro regime.  The strongest condemnation she could come up with for a dictator who is starving his people, forcing millions to flee to market economies that are able to feed them, is "this is absolutely a complex issue." She goes on to caution against U.S. intervention, which is what really concerns her — not the toll exacted on the Venezuelan people themselves.  All she has are recycled slogans and accusations against Elliott Abrams, President Trump's special envoy.  Because America is the only real problem when it comes to Venezuela. Transcript via Grabien: Yeah, so I think that this is absolutely a complex issue.  I think it's important that we approach this very carefully.  One, I am, I'm myself, just like anyone...(Read Full Post)
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