No collusion, no obstruction

Attorney General Barr has summarized Robert Mueller's report: no collusion, collaboration, conspiracy, or whatever term the Hate Trump media chooses to use, between Russia and the Trump campaign.  We knew this before Mueller wasted 40 million dollars.  But Mueller threw a desperate bone to the media and to the Nadler- Schiff Democrats. Mueller refused to conclude as to whether Trump obstructed justice.  This was a cowardly act to allow the Dems and the media to say, as they are saying, that Mueller did not exonerate Trump on the obstruction charge.  Trump, like every American, is presumed innocent unless convicted.  He does not need Mueller's Obama-Hillary lawyers to "exonerate" him. Presumably, the obstruction of justice is firing James Comey, also known as "St. James."  There is no evidence that the multitude of investigations of President Trump were affected in any way by firing Comey.  In fact, the...(Read Full Post)
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