Mustaches in the winner's circle

Women completely control their own destiny against the intrusion of transgenders.  Their destiny does not require new rules or new laws.  It does not require the permission of Congress, parents, schools, the International Olympic Committee, an agenda-driven media, or any other organization.

What their destiny does require is a voluntary and unified effort on the part of bona fide female athletes to refuse to participate in K–12, college, Olympic, and professional female events that allow males to compete. 

In the very short term, that refusal may be inconvenient or costly to some individuals.  But money eventually rules, and that sacrifice will be short-lived, for the failure to take that stand will be even more costly to them in the long run. 

How long will women's athletics continue to receive official financial support, voluntary donations, or crowd attendance when the only women in the winner's circle are sporting five o'clock shadows?  How long will women stick with the ignominy of knowing that in the final analysis, they will lose every title and every trophy?

If it means that athletes must volunteer to submit to a Y chromosome test in order to compete, then so be it.  Nobody should be required to take the test, but anybody who wishes to compete should be.  The procedure may be inconvenient, and fortunately, it would need to be done only once.  Because of the internet, the result would easily follow the person.  To assuage the naïveté of privacy freaks in the age of the internet, fingerprinting, eye-tracking, Facebook, and government surveillance, they could take comfort in the fact that privacy has already been damned for all time.

You go, girls!