Incremental virtue-signaling at Dick's

The NRA's American Rifleman magazine has an article reporting that Dick's Sporting Goods, a national purveyor of all things outdoors, is doubling down on its year-old, virtue-signaling move to remove firearms from its retail locations in response to pressures from liberal gun-grabbers.  This they are doing in spite of declining sales and earnings after last year's loudly trumpeted move to show how in step they are with 2nd Amendment–deniers.  With sales down by more than 3% in same-store reporting, Dick's has decided that such a small decline wasn't sufficient to establish them as real dicks, so they've now decided to restrict firearms sales even more by announcing that they will stop selling these evil instruments of death in another 125 of their 850 stores. Photo credit: Mike Mozart. This immediately raises the question: if these scary black instruments are tools of the devil in...(Read Full Post)
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