Beto is finally in...

As you may remember, I missed the Cruz-O'Rourke election by seven points.  I projected Senator Cruz by 10 points but it was three! So what did I miss?  I underestimated what $80 million can do to register voters.   Here in Texas, I saw "Beto registration" stations everywhere and got a mail piece in my mailbox daily for two weeks before election day.    We understand that he outspent Cruz 3-1.   That's a lot of money and staff! In other words, let's not underestimate what voter registration will do to get voters out. So I won't underestimate Beto this time -- but do see a few challenges ahead: First, there is really nothing to Beto.  He is a telegenic man of little subtance.  His voting record is that of a Pelosi clone.   What position has he taken that shows independence from Democrat leadership? Second, he will be running against a dozen Democrats who won't hesitate to...(Read Full Post)
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