Apologies to whom?

Let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that the comments Tucker Carlson made years ago are offensive.  Does Mr. Carlson owe the country or his audience an apology, as has been frequently urged?   I believe he does not, as we owe apologies only to those we have wronged.  It is hard to imagine anyone listening to the Love Sponge being offended by Mr. Carlson’s comments, harder still to imagine someone remembering them and bearing any scars years later.   As to his viewers, for myself, I’d rather he hadn’t decided to appear on the show.  I don’t understand some of his comments.  But it is hard to see him circa 2006-11 owing anything to viewers of a show not yet in production.  Without an obligation to someone, it’s hard to see how you owe them an apology, however much you might regret the past. A detractor might argue he owes an apology because of the wrongness of what was said, regardless of whether...(Read Full Post)
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