A genderbread world

Sometimes you come across something so strange and far-left that you can't seem to express your opposition without sounding over the top and nutty yourself.  I recently encountered just such a situation regarding... sex.

Have Americans gone collectively and completely mad?  I mean, who in their right mind can actually think that there are not just two sexes, male and female?  What kind of science-deniers -- let alone nature and God-deniers -- think that a boy isn't born a boy and a girl isn't born a girl?  That testosterone and estrogen, and that X/Y chromosomes, not whim, determine sex?  And, not only that, when someone says there are many sexes or ways to interpret gender and who are you to say that there aren't, why aren't people saying, "Are you nuts?!"

Why are the lunatics in America running the asylum?  And why are the normal people being called abnormal -- and then just sitting back and accepting the label?  Why did we-the-normal suddenly become we-the-silent?

It's not hard to see that George Orwell* absolutely nailed it when he said:

"We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men."

Have we finally come to that Orwellian land of "2 + 2 = 5"?

Hey, I know I'm guilty.  I should be going to a high-school girls track meet where a boy-who-is convinced-he's-a-girl is running, and hold up a sign that says, "Go Testosterone, Beat Estrogen!" 

I'm not a parent, but if I were, I'd find myself in a pickle: Do I attend a PTA meeting and say "enough is enough"?  And if I did, would there be enough parents there that would join me to form an effective chorus?

I was recently attending an event at a local high school.  A bulletin board in one of the hallways featured the celebration of "gay pride" and displayed several lunatic posters; for example, this website offers posters promoting the many varieties of sexual orientation and posits a different way to think of the sex people are born with: Genderbread Person.

Just as the gay community appropriated the rainbow for its symbol, the trans and gender-confused among us snagged the delectable gingerbread man for their fun-lovin' rep -- but he's been re-labeled, naturally, as a Genderbread Person.

It seems to me that someone could make a counter-argument to this poster by simply spray-painting one word across it:


What's to become of normalcy?  I know already of two sets of parents who are struggling because their previously-perfect daughters now think they may be their parents' sons... and how dare their parents try to "change" them!

Where will it all end?  Are we now too far gone into that bizarre Orwellian world?  Is the future actually our past -- 1984, to be precise?

Published in 1949, the book Nineteen Eighty-four could not have been more prescient about life in America and elsewhere seventy years later.

Alas, to all those who will one day dare to speak up, take note of yet another observation from George Orwell:

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it."

We are certainly living through sad, sorry and mixed-up times when something as basic as the sex you're born with is now debatable.

*Editor's note: This quote has been misattributed to Orwell. Selwyn Duke has epxlained on these pages.

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