Washington Post can't help but sympathize with Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitism

Thank you, Washington Post, for your pontificating piece on Amazon and capitalism in "Amazon's mugging in N.Y. a warning for U.S. business" (2/17/19).  Nice generalization of Amazon — does one failed deal define the future of N.Y.?  Maybe in the Post's book...there isn't even a trend it can show. 

But what would a Washington Post article be without inserting an anti-Israel or anti-Jewish barb?

The Washington Post article defends freshman member of Congress Ilhan Omar, saying there is an "obvious truth that the Israel Lobby uses campaign contributions to elect friendly politicians ('Senator, sorry to interrupt, but Sheldon Adelson is on line two.')"  Was the Post referring to J Street, which assuredly lobbies candidates and elected officials and bills itself as pro-Israel?  To a majority of American Jews, J Street supports candidates who vote against Israel.  Further, J Street lobbies for BDS, boycotting Israel.  Is that part of this strong "Israel Lobby" of which the Post speaks?

AIPAC, which is the group to which Omar was referring, is an educational group that does not give money to candidates.  When the Post refers to an "Israel Lobby" rather than what the congresswoman actually said (which is offensive in its own right), the Post lumps all the groups together, perpetuating an even more anti-Semitic libel that is reprehensible to see in an American newspaper, especially one deemed as credible as The Washington Post.

The Post should be ashamed of itself and should issue an apology for propagating one of the oldest and most evil anti-Semitic tropes with those comments.  The fact that the Post doesn't even see it and inserted an even more anti-Semitic trope is even more troubling. 

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