Warsaw summit spells trouble for Iran's mullah regime

The U.S. and Poland are not ignoring things in Iran as much global news attention turns to assorted Democratic Party scandals and Venezuela's bid to restore its democratic rule. 

Over in Warsaw, a two-day ministerial summit is being held from Feb. 13 to 14, 2019.  Vice President Mike Pence, who played such a critical role in supporting Venezuela just weeks earlier, is at this conference.

The global conference, hosted jointly by the United States and Poland is to address the malign activities of Iran, which have been plaguing the Middle East for 40 years.  Iran's mullah regime has inflicted terrorism, extremism, missile proliferation, and instability in the region, and now the Trump administration and its Polish allies are looking for ways to end it.  And Iranian citizens in Warsaw are loudly supporting it, as this video shows here.

In the wake of what's been done in Venezuela, Iranian authorities do feel fear of the outcome of this conference.  They've already been angered just by U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo's announcement that Poland would host this international conference.  Iran's foreign ministry summoned Warsaw's top diplomat in the country and in retaliation called off a Polish film festival.  Iran also conveyed its anger to Poland's charge d'affaires, Wojciech Unolt, demanding that Poland not side with the United States against Tehran, according to Iran's official news agency, IRNA.

However, the Warsaw Summit will bring together countries from all around the world — from the U.S., Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East — to demonstrate their unity against Iran's "destabilizing influence" in the Middle East, which sounds rather similar to the way international opposition was mobilized ahead of Venezuela's lunge for freedom.  Unlike Venezuela, which endured 20 years of socialist tyranny, Iran's disastrous condition is the result of 40 years of failed mullah rule.

In other news, the mullahs' violent Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IGRC) has been busy setting up a satellite network and recently attempted to launch a second orbiting device.  This new launch came despite international criticism that Iran's space program is helping it develop ballistic missiles, which, obviously, is its real purpose.  The IRGC defied a U.N. Security Council resolution calling on Iran to undertake no activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, but this hasn't stopped them.  They are going full bore ahead with their weapons program.

At the same time, the regime is cracking down on Iran's democratic opposition by terrorizing, detaining, and torturing thousands of Iranians.  This has been their modus operandi through their 40 years of despotism, and since December 2017, it has intensified.  That was when Iran saw a nationwide uprising against the regime, in which scores of protestors lost their lives and hundreds of others were injured or got arrested.  I have written much about this regime's cruel suppression of students, teachers, merchants, workers, farmers, and truck-drivers.  

Like Venezuela's Maduro, it's time for the mullahs to go.

Image credit: Screen grab from Iran Newswire @IranNW on Twitter.

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