Border walls don't work? Somebody ask the caravan migrants

Democrats are justifying their opposition to President Trump's border wall, with the glib, slogany, claim that "walls don't work.'

But the caravan migrants, heading up to the U.S. through Mexico in three separate caravans totalling at least 12,000, have an obviously different perspective. According to Breitbart News:

Mexican authorities in two border states announced the arrival of nearly 2,000 Central American migrants who are part of a caravan headed for the border cities Piedras Negras and Nuevo Laredo. The area between those two municipalities does not feature any type of fencing or barriers like the ones a previous caravan encountered in California.

State officials in Coahuila announced the arrival of more than 1,700 members of a migrant caravan that recently left Honduras. They are slated to be ferried by bus to the Texas border. The Nuevo Leon government is preparing shelters and security.

The migrants are traveling with the intent to request asylum on U.S. soil, thus making any detention by border authorities irrelevant. The group is expected in Eagle Pass and Laredo, Texas, however, since the region lacks any fencing or physical barriers, some could successfully storm the border with little effort.

Conclusion? The caravan migrants don't want any walls, flimsy, or otherwise, as they found in Tijuana on the last caravan run, to deter them. No taking a number, no waiting. This time, they're heading to a border crossing with no walls, with the aid of Mexican businessmen who are providing free rides to the border, as the article notes, so they can slip into the U.S. instantly with no wait for their asylum claims to be called as happened in TJ. Once they are picked up by the Border Patrol, they get instant customer service on their 90%-phony asylum claims. And if they aren't picked up by the Border Patrol, all the better, easily done in places with no walls, and the benefits will waiting for them. All they'll then have to do is get to California, which is easily reached through an inexpensive bus ride. Sound like a plan?

It's the lack of walls that makes that happen.

So much for Democrat talking points about walls not working. The caravan migrants are demonstrating through the series of decisions they're making about the easiest route in that walls do work. How hard is this to understand?

President Trump, who's giving his political all to the building of a border wall, can see what's happening, and he's just issued tweet about it.



Ahead of the State of the Union address, one can only hope that the point is made clearly in order to get the public squarely behind him as he moves forward on the building of a wall. If a wall isn't built, the caravans are going to keep rolling in, because like water, they take the easiest path downward. They're offering a live action demonstration now about whether walls really don't work.

Image credit: © Tomas // Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0




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