Roger Stone's lawyer offers proof CNN is in bed with FBI

Documentation was released yesterday, reportedly from Roger Stone's lawyer, that claims that CNN didn't just happen upon Mr. Stone's home right before a 29-person FBI team raided it and took him into custody based on a "gut instinct," as the FBI claimed.  The letter was produced by Mr. Stone's lawyer, Grant Smith, who sent it to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.  It details a frightening tale of CNN acting on behalf of the FBI in regard to the continual Russia probe.

The proof that CNN was tipped off by an official within the FBI investigation to Roger Stone's pending indictment and home raid is evident in the damning omission that comes on the final page of the letter:

6:22 am   I receive, via text message from Sara Murray of CNN, what appears to be a draft copy of the indictment as it has no PACER filing notations in the header.  (See attached)  This makes the document provided to me different from the copy currently on the DOJ website and would appear to be prior in time to the filling and the unsealing.  It is unknown how CNN had obtained a copy of a sealed indictment without a PACER filing header.  Additionally, the metadata of the document sent to me, also attached, indicates that the author was "AAW" and that it was created and modified on 1/23/19 at 11:04 pm using Acrobat PDF Maker for Word, a full day before it was filed with the Court under seal.

The metadata are the technical aspects of the computer file that CNN's Sara Murray sent Mr. Stone's lawyer and act as a resource for when the document was first created and who created it.  Stone's indictment was filed on Jan. 24, 2019, but the image was created the day before, with no modifications after.  The image is included and confirms Smith's information:

Some are speculating that the author name of the PDF file of "AAW" could refer to Andrew A. Weismann and implicates him as the leaker.  Weismann left his position as chief of the criminal fraud division at the U.S. Department of Justice to help Mueller lead the FBI investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.  Here, his initials as AAW appear on a document related to Paul Manafort's charges:

CNN has claimed that its reporters were just at Stone's house with perfect timing on the hunch of fabulous investigative journalists and had no prior knowledge of the raid.  However, they conveniently arrived only an hour before the FBI, and once the pre-dawn raid commenced, they were allowed to pass government barriers to film the arrest in its full glory.  The days following, CNN anchors toasted each other as the network continued to replay the terrifying rifle-drawn raid of a 66-year-old sleeping man who was charged only with crimes related to the investigation itself, not because the investigation uncovered a crime prior to its manufacturing.

The implication that an FBI official is leaking information to control CNN's coverage of the federal agency's activities could lead to another criminal investigation of its own people and be enough to ruin the current two-year probe.

Could this "AAW" have made this conceivably fatal error on Mueller's behalf?  If the investigation is shut down over illegal leaks, then liberal media will be given a chance to continue to narrate it as anti-Trump, totally evading that the two-year investigation has led to nothing that would support its existence in the first place.  Democrats can continue to pretend forever that President Trump is guilty of Russia collusion because there is no longer a way to exonerate him.

Besides the mid-January BuzzFeed "bombshell" that was instantly refuted by Mueller's team, there have been no new investigative developments that even hint toward Russia collusion since October, when previous predictors claimed that the investigation would wrap up.

CNN and the FBI being caught together in bed should cause a breakup with the investigation, and inquiring minds are wondering if that was the lovers' plan all along.  Are they trying to take the coward's way out and sabotage the FBI investigation themselves, with CNN's help, because they found nothing – or, even worse, found evidence that their own investigation was begun on illegal pretenses?  Mueller could be too uncomfortable at the prospect of telling millions of desperate Democrats that his two-year investigation turned up zero evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russia.

Or CNN could just be that foolish – not only to act illegally obtain information regarding Mr. Stone, but then present to it to his counsel via text message.


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