Waking up in an American nightmare

I woke up this morning expecting to smell the aroma of bacon wafting from the kitchen and my mother's voice calling me to "get ready for school."  I expected to see my homework (arithmetic and spelling) already done and my Mighty Mouse lunchbox nearby. But sixty years have passed since I was eleven, and I am mortified to see what has become of the America I knew, the America where Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best were two of the most popular television shows, where the raciest jokes on air were only hinted at by a slyly grinning Groucho Marx on You Bet Your Life. I remember waiting at the school bus stop where the sleaziest boys spoke in profanities — but cleaned up their act as soon as the first girls approached.  That was back when even the sleaze-bags actually had manners. Today, I saw a televised news report about the Democratic Party's top politicians.  The screen was covered with the pictures of about twenty...(Read Full Post)
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