Wake up, alumni: Another university under siege

The latest chapter in college insanity comes from Syracuse University.  Based on reports, the U.S. Constitution may be offensive to foreign students, or something like that:

Syracuse University denied an application for Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) to become a Registered Student Organization (RSO), stating, as one of its reasons for doing so, that requiring students to believe in the U.S. Constitution is "exclusionary to international students."

The story gets sillier after more reading:

Of the Syracuse University registered student organizations that appear political in nature, Campus Reform identified six of them as left-leaning while just one is conservative. 

This is insane.

First, I've known many foreign students over the years.  Let's say the ones I know were not offended by the U.S. Constitution or symbols.  On the contrary, they found the rights enumerated in the documents inspirational.

Furthermore, I don't know of any foreign student who was forced to pledge allegiance to the flag.

Second, the issue here is not foreign students.  The problem is a college leadership that hates the U.S.

Third, I remember living in Mexico and talking with U.S. students learning Spanish down there.  I never got the feeling that these students expected Mexico to change for them.  For example, Article 33 of the Mexican Constitution forbids foreigners to engage in political activities.

Again, it's the college leadership driving this outrageous position.  One of these days, we will figure out that our universities are a threat to our young.

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