The greedy government never has enough revenue

A significant number of journalists and other Democrats are jumping on the wealth tax bandwagon because they say the rich don't pay their fair share and that the tax code is not progressive enough.  The top 20% of earners paid 87% of income taxes even though they only earned 52% of the nations' income. How much more progressive would you want it to be? It appears that journalists, along with most Democrats, want the richest counties in the United States (which are around DC where they produce nothing) to get richer while holding down the opportunities for those throughout the rest of the country, especially the poor and middle class (who you pretend to care about). Most of the richest 20% today did move up the economic ladder. They did not inherit the money but somehow, even if they did, Democrats think they are entitled to a greater and greater share of what other people earn.  To Democrats, the problem is the government never has enough revenue...(Read Full Post)
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