Somehow, the little guys aren't ponying up for Kamala Harris

After a big buildup, and all those supposed thousands who attended her lollapaloozy Oakland presidential campaign announcement, Kamala Harris is facing a shortage of funds, at least if you look at her emails.  Seems the little guys she claims to champion by taking away their health after throwing the potheads among them in jail aren't opening their pocketbooks.

Get a load of this from the Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard:

Some 17 days after announcing her 2020 Democratic presidential bid before a sizable crowd of 20,000, California Sen. Kamala Harris has issued an urgent email headlined "Falling Short."

In it, her campaign pleads for donations in time for the next Federal Election Commission reporting period, which campaigns use to show if they have the needed financial support to push through the Iowa caucuses.

"I need to be direct: right now, we are at a real risk of falling short of our February fundraising goals," said the email signed "Kamala."

Usually, the biggest funding bursts in early, what with people all excited about a launch and impulsively shelling out to join in.

Didn't happen with Kamala.  Whatever she has now, the next tranche she needs could very well be harder.

This kind of goes with her general phoniness — whether from not remembering key events that embarrass, falsifying a history of racial oppression, faking confessions to prosecutors, or an impressive history of fake Twitter followers.  She's always been all in for the fugazy.

But now it actually counts.  She needs between $50 million and $100 million in funds just to make it to Iowa, and she's sending out tocsin emails.  Now, Bedard notes that she could be faking that in trying to pump up her cash pile, which, knowing her, is entirely within character.

But it's also possible that she's faked it for a long time, and the Democratic voters can finally see it.

She comes off as slick, packaged, and willing to say anything if it advances her quest for power.  Actually, willing to do anything, too, given her tryst for a political leg up that she got from her sex relationship with married political kingmaker Willie Brown.

She has media outlets such as CNN and the New York Times absolutely in her pocket, packaging herself to please exactly their tastes about what a presidential candidate should be like.

And now we see her jiving and getting down with black radio hosts in a calculated Michelle Obama-like imitation.  (By the way, her denials about the pot-smoking and listening to Snoop do not hold water when you watch the tape.)

Say anything, do anything, and leave a long trail of phoniness.

Somehow, in the Age of Trump, I suspect that this isn't what voters want.  Harris may very well be seeing the little guys walking away from funding her, as her email claims, showing how hollow she is, her ambitions not matching her support.

Maybe she can get what she wants from a fat cat like George Soros.  Like Willie Brown, he seems to have a thing for the ladies.

Image credit: Caricature by Donkey Hotey via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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