'Russia, Russia, Russia' not selling well for Democrats in Iowa

Democrats have gone balls-to-the-wall in their attempt to pin Russia collusion charges onto President Trump. Tankerfulls of ink and light years of pixels have already been spilled about the matter from their press allies. Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is suing the Trump administration to make special counsel Robert Mueller's final report public. Investigations, even on tangential matters, such as a new one focused on President Trump's dishonest former lawyer Michael Cohen, continue to mushroom.

And Democrats show no signs of stopping. Here's a headline from yesterday's Politico: "Hillary Clinton: Congress should be 'doing more' on Russia probe." Here's another one, from Feb. 21's World Tribune, "Democrats: Regardless of Mueller report, ‘this is going to keep on going’."

So what does all this "banging and slamming and booming and crashing" mean to Iowa voters, who are now the focus of Democrats' attention as they seek to win the 2020 election against President Trump?

Zero. Zip. Nada. 

Center-left Axios sent someone out on the road to watch the Democratic candidates in action as they played retail politics with voters, presumably mostly Democrats, driving 264 miles to six events and found this:

At a half-dozen events 2020 candidates held in Iowa over the weekend, attendees barely mentioned President Trump — and not a single person asked about Robert Mueller’s investigation or Russia.

The big picture: Instead, most of the questions were about policies — most often health care, climate and immigration.

  • The attendees at a soup dinner, meet-and-greets, and town halls asked hard-hitting questions about biofuels, money in politics, taxing the wealthy, preventive health care, arts in education, immigration reform, the environment, abolishing the filibuster rule in the Senate, and foreign policy.

Why it matters: Voters are giving the Democrats space to build specific brands based on their own visions and proposals.

 Nope. They're tuning out on the Democrats' non-stop, getting-old-as-dirt, boring-as-heck beltway clown show on the Russia, Russia, Russia thing and trying to find out if Democrats actually have anything useful to offer.

Which goes to show just how mistaken they've been in trying to take down President Trump instead of carve out some kind of identity for themselves. If even the Democratic voters are sick of this drivel, which seems to obsess the Beltway denizens, just imagine what the independents and Republicans are thinking.

It's particularly noteworthy that the most prominent voice among those Democrats calling for more of this dreck is Hillary Clinton herself, who these days is champing at the bit for another run against Trump. If this is what she thinks is most important, and if this is the response from the Midwest, how's she going to do in another presidential run in the famous corn state, or even more significantly, in the state just past Iowa's northern border, name of Wisconsin?

She's not going to make it.

And as for the Democrats putting all their seed corn into defeating Trump through the special counsel's office, their campaigns can look to buying the farm.

How stupid can Democrats be? Their big sheet show on Russia collusion and the Mueller report is not selling in Iowa. Russia, Russia, Russia, spells Loser, Loser, Loser. And based on this Axios road trip, it looks like they're about to learn that the hard way.




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