Another Democrat cooks up a health care plan even crazier than Bernie's

Is rabidly far-left rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) trying to become the Ilhan Omar of the health care industry?

Sure looks like it, given her new Medicare-for-All proposal to be unveiled in the House today.  Jayapal's "Medicare for All Act of 2019" is so left-wing even the left-leaning Axios says it makes Bernie Sanders look like a piker.  Here's how bad it is:

Even Sen. Bernie Sanders can get outflanked in the race to define Medicare for All as Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) is set to introduce a bill today that would go even further than Sanders' sweeping proposal.

Why it matters: Even as moderates and more conventional liberals are freaking out over the politics of such a dramatic upheaval, the left is still moving left, laying down ever-more-ambitious markers as they gain more and more influence over their party.


  • Many of the broad strokes are the same: Both bills would eliminate most private insurance and most existing federal health programs, moving everyone in the country into a new single-payer system. Neither would allow co-pays or deductibles.
  • Jayapal's version, though, would cover some things Sanders' bill wouldn't — most significantly, long-term care like nursing homes. It also calls for a 2-year phase-in period, compared to Sanders' 4 years.

Axios notes that the cost is unknown but bill seeks to keep costs under control through a "global budget," meaning a cap on how much money hospitals and nursing care facilities can get, which is a fancy way of saying rationing.  They call that "interesting."  The rest of us call it "Venezuela."

The HuffPo, meanwhile, praises it as "The Most Ambitious 'Medicare For All' Bill Yet."

It has even more horrible details: 

The program would be non-voluntary, which means you get care as the government determines, whether you like it or not.  Not only would you lose your current insurance; you'd lose any right to buy insurance even if you wanted to pay extra on top of your well-raised taxes.  Rest assured that the dolings will be politicized.

The only private element would be for non-Medicare-covered services, such as optional plastic surgery.  The boob jobs get saved.  The rest of your health care?  Not so much.

Abortion would be fully covered and paid for through those higher taxes, like it or not.  One wonders if infanticide fees for babies who survive abortions will make it to the billable hours now, too.

Much of the nightmare would be "paid for" not just through soaring taxes, but also by cutting doctors' salaries, which is a great way to motivate them and the future doctors who are going to be needed.  The insurance would be nationalized, but the hospitals and doctors would stay private, forcing the latter to remain on double-entry bookkeeping while the state would have no limits on whom it could keep sending over for care.  In Venezuela, this was the exact recipe for the country's famous shortages.

And as for the cost overruns, well, didn't we get promised lower costs and less budget deficit under Obamacare? How'd that work out?

Here's another one: the new nationalization of health care proposed would be available, free of charge, to "all residents," according to the HuffPo piece, which obviously would include all illegal aliens.  With Democrats already dangling out free health care to illegals in California, leftist states suing to block any border fence, and congressional Democrats vowing to stop any effort to put up a border barrier (Jayapal is one of the loudest voices on this, by the way), you can bet that's a dinner triangle for free health care, not just to all of Central America, but to other prominent suppliers  illegals such as Somalia, the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, China, India, Brazil, and Nigeria.  Real question: who wouldn't come?

Meanwhile, the transition period from the health care you have to the Medicare you aren't going to like?  A mere two years.  It would be an amazing jolt, and too bad for you if there any "glitches" in the quicky rollout and you needed some service.

The HuffPo notes that the bill will have fewer sponsors as even Democrats blanch, but among those who are signing on are all those newly minted Democrats from places such as southern California.  Those representatives would not be around were it not for ballot-harvesting and who knows how many illegal votes — because the state, after all, isn't saying.  This shows the coercive factor here — given that most of these places' voters aren't all that left-wing. The representatives are going as far left as they like without regard for their voters' feelings because apparently it doesn't matter. 

The bottom line is that the bill is even more extreme than what Bernie Sanders is proposing, and that says a lot about the state of the Democrats.  They all want to stand out, and now they are trying to out-Bernie Bernie and go open with their real agenda.  Obamacare looks so mild compared to this lunacy.  To propose something more socialist than what the Big Socialist wants for you speaks to how crazily Chavista the Democrats are now becoming.  All that is holding them back now is President Trump and the Republican-led Senate, as Axios notes.

As Sen. Lindsey Graham once said in another context: "Boy, y'all want power.  You want this seat?  I hope you never get it."

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