Live on TV: The shame and disintegration of the Democratic Party

If their behavior at the Kavanaugh hearings that they engineered with a hoax accusation did not convince people of the craven unscrupulousness of the Democratic Party, the clown show Democrats put on Wednesday certainly will.

While the president is out of the country on a crucial foreign policy mission, the Democrats colluded with Tom Steyer and lowlife Clinton operative Lanny Davis to once more try to convince the public that Trump should be impeached.  To that end, they brought the loathsome Michael Cohen, already convicted of lying to Congress and a host of other financial crimes, to testify to "crimes" committed by the president.  Cohen admitted that he was prepped for the hearings by Trump-deranged Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, and Davis.

That Cummings allowed this to happen is a sad commentary on his lack of respect for his own committee and the House.

At this point, it is difficult not to enjoy Democrats' on-air self-immolation.  Cohen spent the day lying again and again and contradicting himself over and over.

The entire spectacle is proof that the Democratic Party, as many have observed, hates this president so much that its members are willing to do great harm to the nation.  Every Democrat who participated in this pathetic display should be forever ashamed of himself for all of them have sullied the offices they hold.

That Lanny Davis, a man wholly beholden to and joined at the hip with the Clintons, was able to make this happen is bad enough.  He likely wrote Cohen's opening and closing speeches.  That Michael Cohen is the Democrats' tool is contemptible.  He has been clearly shown to be a relentless self-promoter, a greedy status-seeker, and a liar.  Nothing he says can be trusted or believed.  His oath means nothing.  He lacks any hint of ethical sense.  He admitted to taping numerous clients without their knowledge and at the hearing quickly agreed to hand those tapes over if asked, even without those clients' waived privilege!

What makes all this a sham characterized by Democrat hypocrisy is the fact of forty years of Clinton criminality still being swept under the rug.  While the Clintons were using their positions of power to enrich themselves with a level of greed that makes Cohen's look like kid stuff, they were never investigated or charged.  Everything the Clintons ever did was for themselves.  Hillary's stint as secretary of state was just a four-year get-rich-quick scheme.  The $145M she took for authorizing the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia was only one of her illegal ventures to pad her personal wealth.  The Clintons robbed Haiti of billions meant for rebuilding that devastated nation; Chelsea got a fancy wedding out of that pile of dough. 

The D.C. swamp is indeed filled with scoundrels, nearly all of them members of the media, the Democratic Party, and the intelligence institutions that were weaponized by Obama.  Comey, McCabe, Brennan, and Clapper and the crowd of miscreants at the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ all colluded to bring down Trump the candidate, then Trump the president with wholly fabricated accusations, illegal surveillance, and falsified material.  Then there are the usual suspects — Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, etc.  — who intend to see the president impeached no matter what it takes.  Each of them has likely committed much more serious crimes — financial, ethical, and constitutional — than Trump ever did.  Not one of them has ever, in all their collective years in office, accomplished a fraction of what Trump has done for the good of America in two short years.

The Republicans on the committee were stellar, especially Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows.  Jordan's opening speech put the day's event in context.  It is a feeble attempt by people who hate Trump so much that they have bled their own characters dry of any shred of class or love of country.  It was Meadows who tweeted, "As Michael Cohen speaks, think about how remarkable it is: a man convicted of LYING to Congress is now appearing before Congress again...just weeks later.  Invited by the Democrats as their star 'witness.'  And all the while, the left hails his every word as gospel."

With this stunt, the Democratic Party has further demeaned itself, humiliated itself.  Meanwhile, the president is in Hanoi trying to get the Norks to de-nuclearize, India and Pakistan are on the verge of war (both are nuclear-armed nations), and the Democrats and their handmaidens in the media are busy pretending Michael Cohen's "testimony" is valid.  It is not.  He is just this week's Punchinello of the imploding Democratic Party.

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