It's karmageddon for Dems in Virginia

In the famous words of Barack Obama's spiritual mentor, chickens are coming home to roost for the Democratic Party and the entire progressive movement.  Not just once or twice, but three times, the sort of sins Democrats habitually (and recently) used to demonize their targeted conservative enemies have blown back on them and sown confusion, backbiting, and sheer panic among donkeys in the Old Dominion and D.C. itself.  There is no good exit from the mess for the Democrats.

Governor Ralph Northam first admitted, then denied, and then admitted a second public appearance in blackface, a poisonous insult to the sensibilities of many Democrat African-Americans.

I am not making this up: his own attorney general, Mark Herring, called on him to resign for the insult, only to admit a couple of days later that he too, appeared in blackface in college.  The outbreak of contagious stupidity hit the New York Times, too, as it called Herring's blackface "dark makeup" (an expression that covers eyeliner) until it stealthily deleted the bias-revealing effort at minimization.

Meanwhile, the lt. governor of Virginia, Justin Fairfax, who will succeed Northam if party pols succeed in driving Northam from office, has been accused of forcible oral rape of a Democrat academic who currently works at Stanford University and calls herself a "proud Democrat."  All of the rhetoric Democrats like Mazie Hirono, Kamala Harris, and Dianne Feinstein use about #BelieveAllWomen in the case of Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing would seem to require them to demand the resignation of Fairfax.  NOW already is demanding it.

So the Dems either have to implicitly reject two of their strongest weapons used against conservatives and tolerate all these people in office, alienating their two most important constituencies, blacks and feminists, and making it impossible to use them against conservatives in the future with any effect, or else they drive out all three of their statewide officeholders and hand the executive powers of the state to the Republican who is fourth in the line of succession, House of Delegates majority leader Kirk Cox.  Best of all, Cox holds his position only because of a coin toss.

There are, in fact, lots of popular expressions to explain this experience of multiple hypocrisies leading to trouble, ranging from "a just God" to "blowback" to "karma."  It couldn't happen to a more deserving political party.  Either the Democrats lose control of a swing state in the 2020 election or they vitiate their future use of their best rhetorical weapons.

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