Is Mueller taking orders from Russia?

Has Robert Mueller been secretly working for the Kremlin this whole time?  Probably not, or at least not in this scenario of his Russian collusion case.  Though he was an integral part of the sketchy deal that delivered a considerable amount of uranium to Russia, and as I'm forever the silver-lining kind of girl, it would be charming if Democrats came full circle and investigated Mueller for his own involvement with Russia.

Anyway, top Democrats are already throwing their own gladiator to the lions as they prepare for the results of Robert Mueller's almost two-year probe to reveal nothing provocative against President Trump.  Early Tuesday, media began preparing viewers by reporting the nothingburger with "breaking news" segments and headlines like "Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia."  With Congress's own investigation wrapping,  House Intel Committee chair Adam Schiff took to Meet The Press on Sunday for some pre-emptive damage control, stating that Mueller's extremely extensive inquisition just hasn't been adequate.

It should be noted that according to Adam Schiff, he may be obstructing the investigation...himself.  Back in mid-January, he issued this statement after Trump commented on the Mueller witch hunt:

Integrity of our process to serve as an independent check on the Executive Branch must be respected by everyone[.] ... The President should make no statement or take any action to obstruct Congress' independent oversight and investigative efforts.

How sanctimonious.  Early February's Adam Schiff attacked Mueller, having no proof that the accusations leveled against the president are true could mean only that independent overseers didn't do their job right.  The California Democrat really wants us to believe that it couldn't be possible that Trump actually didn't collude with Russia; he is guilty, no matter what, because who cares about the Fifth Amendment right to due process?

Even though the investigation is supposed to be sealed, Schiff has found some ability to gather secret intel regarding the Mueller probe before, even justifying his own leaks to the press.  So the despot's panic is probably justified even, if he knows we know he shouldn't know whatever he knows yet.

Democrats are on the edge of losing the altar that has been unifying devotion from their base.  Instead of realizing that the pro-American candidate, who has held and continues to hold rallies that draw massive crowds, won because of democracy, they have chosen to worship a golden calf that has falsely promised secret backdoor ties to the boogeyman Russia and inevitable impeachment.

Little Adam Schiff has prepared his own investigation, one that investigates people, not crimes.  Though there is zero evidence that a crime has been committed — in fact, there's mounting evidence that Trump hasn't broken a law — Schiff is willing to use taxpayer-funded government resources on pure blind faith that they might uncover one.

Democrats' campaign strategy for 2020 is not standing behind an actual candidate who has a chance.  It's not developing a platform that actually interests voters, either.  They know that most voters are moderates and aren't enthusiastic about their extreme leftist policies like open borders, infanticide, and socialism.  Even their own party is split, as Nancy Pelosi ridiculed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal last Thursday.  The only strategy they have left is pointless investigations meant to brand Trump a criminal despite never being able to produce evidence of his crime.

Adam Schiff really is starting to resemble the crazy guy outside the Capitol, screaming at the sky before an audience of other doomsayers.  Democrats are gold medal-winners in mental gymnastics, and Schiff's statements about Mueller are just the warm-ups to the real exercises we will get to watch when the Mueller report does officially conclude.

The donkeys have one clear goal: make sure that every single day of President Trump's first term is under investigation.  They will use all the government resources they can, as well as their media connections, for this fruitless endeavor.  It is the only hope Democrats have of one of their own terrible candidates beating him in the next presidential election.

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Image: James Ledbetter via Flickr.

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