Democrats invent a new word for bullsh*t: ‘aspirational’

The non-crazy caucus within the Democratic Party is walking on eggshells, as the crazies have taken all the momentum, and are mean enough to take vengeance on anyone who calls them out. Billionaire anti-Trump fanatic Tom Steyer already is promising to finance primary challenges to Dems who don’t move to impeach Trump.  And now the Green New Deal madness about forcing Americans out of cars, banning dairy and meats because cows fart, and rebuilding every building in the country in the next ten years has become the holy writ of the environmental religion that has supplanted the worship of God on the Left.

None dare oppose it. Even presidential candidates like Amy Klobuchar who want to present themselves as “moderates.”

Yesterday, Senator Klobuchar appeared in Bret Baier’s show on Fox News, and was pressed on the Green New Deal. I give her one point for creative evasion when she averred that she would vote for it (when Mitch McConnell forces a vote) but only as an “aspirational” measure. Watch:

Notice that as she says that she would vote yes, she turns his eyes toward heaven:

Asking for divine forgiveness?

C’mon: she just admitted that she is voting for something she knows is pure BS – impractical, even absurd.  But instead of using the barnyard epithet, she calls it ”aspirational.”

I bet that a lot of other Dems adopt the same dodge. When they do, they should be challenged with the response: “So, you admit it is bullsh*t but you’re afraid of the left, so you’re supporting something you know won’t work. Whatever happened to ‘Profiles in Courage’?”