Immigrants and the Jewish death wish

A thousand American rabbis sign a petition to bring refugees carrying the Jew-hating gene into America.  Jewish bodies condemn President Trump for enacting a temporary "Muslim ban" (entirely for security reasons) on a handful of Jew-hating countries.  Jewish billionaire George Soros troubles every corner of Europe with mad visions of a border-free bloc.  American Jews take tikkun olam (repairing the world) to mean sheltering Muslims without legal papers.  Jews are for Palestinian rights — for any right that has nothing to do with Jewish rights.

How to explain Jewish activism for people with ideas of the evil Jew transmitted through the blood and implanted in the brain?  Even the left-wing Huffington Post concluded the obvious: "Migrants streaming into Europe from the Middle East are bringing with them virulent anti-Semitism which is erupting from Scandinavia to France to Germany."  Today, to keep honest, the HuffPo would have to add "Muslim Democrats bringing to Congress with them virulent anti-Semitism."

Somali-born Ilhan Omar is one of these elects.  "It's all about the Benjamins, baby," Omar tweeted.  "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel" is another of the congresswoman's tweets.

Her fellow Jew-baiter is the first Palestinian elected to Congress.  Rashida Tlaib, the Democratic representative for Michigan is a BDS advocate on a mission.  Tlaib wants to offer congressional members an "alternative" introduction to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to show them "the side that I know is real."

By the "real side," she does not mean the Palestinian "welfare" system, which paid suicide murderers and their families $300 million in 2018, to incentivize more Palestinians to take the martyr route to paradise.  She will not take her delegation to meet Mr. 20%, the nickname for P.A. chairman Mahmoud Abbas, on the Forbes list of the wealthy for never doing an honest day's work.  Tlaib's party will not speak to Arab regimes that view Palestinians as a subversive, treacherous, destabilizing element.  They will not inspect Lebanese camps where tens of thousands of Palestinians languish in conditions unfit for pigs.  No, Tlaib's group will focus on "the side that is more real," meaning on the evil that Zionists do.  Her grandmother in a West Bank village will tell Congress members what's what.

Yet bewitched by the beauty of social engineering ("diversity" in the lingo), Jews of no sane mind want more immigrants fed by mother's milk on Jew-hatred.  Their minds are not thoughtful or compassionate.  They cannot be when every case screams out the end awaiting diasporas when Muslim influences weaken the fabric of tolerant Western society.  To be a Jewish activist is not to wear your heart on your sleeve, but to hold a death wish in your psyche.  Where Jews once lived unthreatened, they don't anymore, to look at Britain, at France, at Holland, at Germany, at Belgium, at Sweden, at, of all diasporas, America.  Every country case cries from the hilltops: the minority group that will bear the brunt of Muslim migration is the Jewish minority.

Have there been anti-Christian upticks, or anti-Hindu upticks, or anti-black upticks, or anti-Hispanic upticks?  Perhaps there have been anti-Muslim upticks, but they are in reaction to the Muslim influx, not from it.  Is there anything to compare to the anti-Jewish uptick — in the streets, in mainstream politics, in the mainstream media?  Are Christians and their countries vilified?  Or Hindus and their countries?  Are Africans or Hispanics and their origins hated with a passion?  Only the Jews and the planet's only Jewish country set minds on fire.

This is not to claim that it's always, or even mostly, imported Jew-hatred.  Much of it, especially in party politics and the media, is home-grown.  But home-grown Jew-hatred seems to be the product of Muslim immigration.  Is it sheer coincidence that Jew-hatred in the British Labor Party, headed by anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn, coincides with the muscle-flexing of Labor's Muslim constituents and constituencies?  Is it sheer coincidence that the new naked hatred in Congress gets a fillip from Arab-Americans?  Or that the stakeholders of the New York Times and CNN share the worldview and the affiliations of migrants Omar and Tlaib?  What to say?  When Jews make common cause with Jew-haters, the incapacitating casualty is that well earned clear-thinking Jewish "kop."

The writer is an economist and cost accountant and prolific author of novels, non-fiction, opinion, and essays.  Steve blogs at