Forgive me, but this is not who I am

Gov. Ralph Northam confessed.  He asked forgiveness from his fellow Democrats.  He got none.

He also confessed to Republicans, but not on the racial matter for which Democrats will never forgive him.  He confessed to advocating infanticide, but he did so unrepentantly.  He continues to stand by his pro-infanticide comments.  Therefore, there is no forgiveness from conservatives, because his crime of advocacy – advocating the killing of living, breathing babies – is ongoing.  How many born-alive babies in Virginia will eventually die at his figurative hand?  What will be the method of death?

There you have it.  Leftist Democrats criminalize stupid behavior that harms no one (except for hurt feelings), but they praise those who would commit premeditated murder of babies to advance their political careers with their radical leftist constituents.

Northam is now changing his story about his racist actions.  He admits to being guilty of wearing a racist costume, but now he says his detractors got the wrong photograph – as if that made all the difference in the world.  Yes, your honor, I did rob a bank, but not that one. 

Contrast this with the Evangelical Christians who finally held their noses and voted for Donald Trump for president.  Even though many of them would have allowed a vastly worse person to become president, and did not vote, enough of them understood that God chooses imperfect men to do His work and forgave Trump for his misdeeds.  Trump did not grovel in tears, beating his chest, but he did demonstrate a willingness to seek God's will.  That was enough; forgiveness was offered and accepted.

Worldview makes all the difference in the world (and in the next one, too).  Leftists are doctrinaire, to a degree that makes the Spanish inquisitors of yore seem like softies by comparison, except for the physical torture, which leftists have replaced with political death.  To them, the concept of forgiveness is utterly foreign.  Evangelicals are intolerant, but intolerant of sin, not of sinners.  We do unto others, not whatever we can, but as we would be treated. 

When leftists say they seek forgiveness, what they really seek is privilege.  They seek not to atone for their sins, but rather to get away with them, first by avoiding detection, and if that does not work, by claiming, "That is not who I am.  I am a better person than that.  The miscreant is not me; it was that guy who used to be me, but from whom I evolved.  Stop blaming me."

Here are my words to Governor Northam: I can forgive you for whatever you have done to me, as soon as you express genuine remorse.  All I ask of you is that you forgive the babies for their capital crime of having been born in your state.

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