Covington kid Nick Sandmann’s lawyer: ‘Nathan Phillips will be sued’

One of the most disgusting phony propaganda gambits to discredit Trump supporters is to face the civil justice system, where the truth will come out. Most AT readers already know that a wide array of media and political figures have been put on notice that they will be sued for libel of Nick Sandmann, the parochial school kid who was approached by Indian “elder” Nathan Phillips, who drummed inches from his face. Based on edited video, Sandmann was vilified as the aggressor. But now comes word that in addition to media outlets, writers and politicians, Phillips himself will be sued.  This is important not for the monetary damages at stake, because Phillips shows no signs of having any financial resources, but because he will be placed under oath and questioned, where he will have to face videotape evidence of his behavior, contrasted with what he has said to the media. Steve Jalsevac reports in Life Site News: One of the attorneys representing Covington High...(Read Full Post)
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