Another skeleton crawls out of Ilhan Omar's closet

In a story unearthed by U.S. Liberty Wire, citing a deep-weeds Minnesota state political news site, here's some new information on the decisionmaking of Minnesota leftist Democrat and House Foreign Affairs committee member, Rep. Ilhan Omar, dating from her days in the Minnesota statehouse:

On Thursday, members of the Minnesota House voted to pass H.F. 1397, a bill which would give life insurance companies the right to deny payouts to beneficiaries whose loved one died while committing an act of terrorism.

In a bipartisan effort, Republicans and Democrats joined together to pass the bill 127-2. Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minneapolis) and John Lesch (D-St.Paul) were the only two lawmakers who voted against the measure.

The issue at the time (2017), was the problem of terrorists taking out life insurance policies shortly before going on suicide rampages, and relying on those insurance companies to make big payouts to their family members, much the same way the Palestinian Authority and its terrorist allies make payments to families of "martyrs." 

To the Minnesota statehouse, Republicans and Democrats alike, it was a no-brainer. The only other guy who voted against the measures cited excessive legalisms for not voting 'yes.' Somehow, Omar's 'no' vote, which got her nothing politically from her own party at least, doesn't seem to be in the same category, given her previous history of seeking to shield ISIS terrorists from punishment, and as John Hinderaker at Power Line notes, her persistent echoing of Iranian propaganda talking points. (He has a point in disagreeing with my argument that it was Russian talking points she was echoing - the two propagandas are actually the same - but we both know which country this ignoramus is more likely to actually know something about).

Liberty News Wire reporter Frank Johnson characterizes it as a skeleton crawling out and makes this observation about the problem: "The more digging that is done into Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s past, the more skeletons people are discovering."

Arguing to shield ISIS terrorists - those famous "Minnesota Men" and now condoning forced payouts from insurance companies to terrorist relatives who nutured these terrorists into suicide attacks really does stand out as something special - to the terrorist-American community.

Which really does raise questions yet again about what this person represents and why she is there on the House Foreign Relations Committee, potentially passing on information to the kind of people she's there to defend, and why she should have any sayso at all in U.S. foreign policy.

Someone with this record should be a pariah.


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