Creepy views galore: What is Ilhan Omar doing on the House Foreign Relations Committee?

The more you learn about the world view of Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, the less you like her. In fact, the more you learn, the more you think there's an actual national security problem with her in Congress.

In just a few days, she's made an amazing string of opinions and news on foreign policy. All of it is about as fringe-left, fringe-terrorist, succor-the-enemy, anti-American crazy, as it can possibly get.

What genius placed this maniac on the House Foreign Relations Committee?

First, news came out that she urged a judge to show leniency to a group of ISIS terrorists caught trying to head out to Syria to fight for ISIS, using icky pope-like language about mercy and claiming a long prison sentence to the terrorists would ruin their lives. What the terrorist had in mind of course, was raping Yazidi and Christian women, beheading opponents, and shooting to kill Americans, which is what they were up to at the time. The group was every bit as vicious and psychopathic as al Qaida before it, and there she went, using her lefty pleas for mercy on such people.

According to Fox News:

Minnesota men were facing decades in prison after being accused in 2015 of making plans, including buying fake passports, in an effort to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS, which was at its peak level of activity and held territory in Syria and Iraq.

The judge chose instead to place the security and right to life of all the people they wanted to kill first and put them in the can for 30 years a pop.

How does one explain this? Ethnic solidarity? The Somali vote? The advice of her brother-in-law creepily in a powerful post back in Somalia? Anything to oppose America? There are no good answers to this, given that ISIS was every bit as savage as al Qaida, and maybe more. Oh, and she claims some taxi driver once called her 'ISIS.' What was she upset about?

gushy leftist tear-jerker stories in the press about Omar's rags-to-riches story as a Somali 'refugee' or the supposed assimilation capacities of Somali migrants, which in her case includes a questionable marital arrangement, and who, by all means, we should admit more of.
She actually gets worse. Instead of sticking to issues supporting Middle Eastern terrorists, she's waded into the Venezuelan issue ... on the side of Russia, mouthing its propaganda. Get a load:








What on earth would she know or care about Venezuela, given that she's never shown any interest in it or made statements about it in the past? Her claims of 'a coup' are surreal, and have been expertly and devastatingly refuted, rimshot, by Wall Street Journal top foreign correspondent David Luhnow here, just citing the news. At a minimum, it's pretty obvious Omar doesn't read the news.

Here's what her statement actually means:







Russia, you recall, is practically alone in supporting Venezuela's cheating, lying, thieving, drug-dealing dictator. Europe isn't tolerating him. Canada's lefty Prime Minister isn't standing for him. Virtually all of Latin America is dead set against him and wants him out. The only people openly supporting him are the nations in hock to Venezuela in some way - Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua, Turkey, and especially, Russia. Everyone else has either stayed silent or taken the unprecedented move of coming out to condemn Maduro and tell him his time is up. Among those miserable champions of Maduro, Russia is the only one with the power.

It's rather amazing to see someone like Omar come up and step up for Russia, quoting Russia's own propaganda line to the letter. Oh and it gets worse, as Twitchy noted: Omar retweeted a note of praise from someone on Twitter who has been involved with a Russian-funded propaganda group. Why is someone in Congress retweeting actual Russian propaganda? As a Polish observer noted on Twitter:







The only thing one can conclude is that if the U.S. takes one position, she's going to be against it, no matter whose position, no matter how gamy, how slimy, how criminal, she would have to support to do it. Terrorists? No problem. Russia? Right there on the spot for them even when other lefties are staying away. Are cartels next? We can probably expect her to champion Mexican cartels and Central American gangs next and we know she will.

Where does that resentment come from? This person was given the opportunity of a lifetime as a refugee to come to America and make a life and join the political system making laws others must live under. She's been in office less than a month and already we are seeing this kind of stuff? She's actually rather grotesque in her anti-American ingratitude -- no rightwinger could make up such a specter five years ago. 

And more importantly, what is this obvious crazy doing on the House Foreign Affairs Committee? Why did Democrats put this freshman congressmember of very poor judgment there? They slapped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's hands and kept her out of the House Ways and Means Committee because they didn't want her anywhere near money, but why did they put Omar in a foreign policy committeeship? Would this person even qualify for a security clearance, if such things are required of congressmembers? Is the information she's getting for her lawmaking also going to Somalia, Russia, or her ISIS buddies? One hopes the FBI is onto her with some surveillance because this is the sort of case they used to pursue for national security purposes before they changed course and devoted all resources to Getting Trump. 

At a minimum, Democrats have a problem with her, and the sooner they rein her in to preserve their credibility as alternatives to Trump, the better. They'd be wise to kick her off any committee assignment given what's coming out of her.