Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A one-woman EMP

The ubiquitous Miss O-C made her big splash yesterday and introduced her Green New Deal, and an amusing prescription it is.  If even a fraction of her plans were ever implemented, the U.S. would be transported back to before the Industrial Revolution. No fossil fuels, no airplanes, no cars, no heat, no air conditioning, no meat, no dairy.  Every home and building in the country would have to be retrofitted to comply with her ridiculous demands.  There would be "charging stations" everywhere; she does not say where the power to those charging stations would come from.  She apparently thinks wind (now provides 1.9%) and solar (now provides 0.5%) can fill the bill.  She must think the trucking industry that above all others makes our country work can run on wind or solar; it cannot.  When asked how to pay for all this, she suggests printing more money!  Has this woman ever considered how groceries and all other merchandise in stores get there?  Obviously not. 

The first time I ever heard the phrase "as dumb as a rock" was years ago.  It was a caller to Larry Elder's radio program; the caller was talking about Sean Penn, whom the caller knew.  It is an apt phrase, and never more than to describe Miss O-C.  Boston U, from where she received a degree in economics, should immediately be de-certified and shuttered.  No public person has ever displayed more ignorance, not just on economics, but on practically every topic relevant to the public realm.  The fact that the media have made her a celebrity far beyond her ability to speak coherently will most likely be her undoing.  They will at some point realize their catastrophic mistake and take her down.  If they don't, as the face of the Democratic Party, she will take them down.

An electromagnetic pulse attack, essentially a nuclear device exploded at high altitude above America, would knock out power grids, rendering anything electrical or digital non-functional.  Cars, trucks, computers, etc. would be dead (unless still running vehicles from the 1960s).  The country would come to a full stop.  That is exactly what Miss. O-C is prescribing.  She means to send us back to an age her Millennial friends would not recognize.  Most of them would be unable to function, as so many are seriously lacking in the skills older generations grew up taking for granted.  Most young people would have no idea how to repair anything they own if it broke, least of all their cars.  They would be apoplectic if their smartphones were suddenly mute.  If Miss O-C were ever to implement any aspect of her Green New Deal, her very own friends would be reduced to the snowflakes they've been raised to be, helpless.

O-C is completely as clueless about energy as Kamala Harris is about health care.  Touting her Medicare for All, she suggest we just "do away with all that," meaning paperwork and insurance.  Sen. Harris has endorsed O-C's GND.  These Democrats are digging their own political graves.  The minute Millennials figure out what Miss O-C's plans mean for them, the extinction of the interconnected life they revere and are addicted to, they will drop her like a hot potato.  She will become the thing that cannot be named.  The media that made her will unmake her.

In reality, her Green New Deal is a joke of comic book proportions.  Few Democrats will find anything in it to support.  It is not about climate or science; it's just about ending capitalism, redistributing wealth from those who produce to those who produce nothing, and controlling the American population as Chávez and Maduro of Venezuela and all the socialist dictators around the world who preceded them attempted to control their populations.  That this benighted young woman is calling the shots for the Democratic Party is a sad commentary.

If there was ever a person who could benefit from a four-year stint at Hillsdale College it is Miss O-C.  The future of America hangs in the balance.  The appalling ignorance of persons like Miss O-C cannot be allowed to pave the way.

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